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Christopher Mee

Christopher Mee

Meet Advertising Educators' worthy Marketing Strategist! Christopher Mee is a seasoned sales/marketing veteran, with many years experience in the art. During his successful tenure in the marketing field, Christopher began utilizing Internet-based marketing as a means of increasing business. Swept up on the wave of Internet marketing, his businesses experienced greatly increased revenues, and he began assisting businesses in the pursuit of growth. Impassioned by this experience, Christopher sold one successful company and a magazine he co-published; then he branched out to form his own advertising agency. The Advertising Educators you see today is the culmination of Christopher's business experience and vision. Utilizing the same Internet marketing principles he used to expand his businesses and others, he now offers to do the same for you. Christopher has published marketing articles, spoken at national trade conventions, and appeared on television and radio teaching his techniques. Christopher holds a B.S. in Marketing.