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The Science of Creation: How our writers
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SEO Article Writing & Publishing

Advertising Educators has a brilliant staff of marketing writers who will flood the Web with written content created just for you. And every bit of writing they do gets you noticed on the Web.

Questions Answered in this Description:

  1. What kind of content will you be writing for my business?
  2. How does this relate to SEO/SEM?
  3. Who is the writing staff, and how do they work?
  4. Are there other kinds of writing that you can do for us?

What Kinds of Writing Will We Be Doing For You?

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Three Main Kinds:

  1. Blog Entries. We create and update an original blog for your website.
  2. Articles. We write original articles that show customers that you're an expert.
  3. Press Releases. We publish original press releases every month that post to external press release sites.

How Does All This Writing Help You?

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Not Just Articles…

We don't just write articles. We write a map from the search engines to you. We inject every bit of writing with a powerful tool: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords.


The articles our writers produce are carefully crafted to include specific keywords that boost your search engine ranking and deliver customers to your door.


We also upload the content to external sites to maximize your Web presence. So get your game face on – you've got new customers banging on your door!

Who Is Our Writing Staff, And What Do They Do?

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Our writers are all professional-level marketing writers who make a thorough study of your business and then write content that sings your praises.

Interviews & Research

First, we send a writer out to interview you in person (or over the phone), and then the writer does further research of your business and your market. He/she then coordinates with marketing staff to devise a plan of attack.

Writing Time

Now our writers compose blog entries, articles, press releases, and any other projects you have in mind.


We then submit our content for your review. Once you've signed off on our work, we publish all the content in the most effective places.

Are There Other Kinds of Writing That We Will Do?

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Absolutely. Anything you have in mind. Big, small, our writers write it all. Youtube scripts, Twitter & Facebook posts, promotion emails. Anything you can dream up!

P.s. If your website is more like a clunker wasting space on a dead lawn than a glistening Ferrari screamin' through Malibu, we've got the writing muscle to do your restoration work. Let our writers hook customers by giving them the first impression you need.